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3T Technology employs leading Financial Software Consultant

Financial Application Implementation Consultant and Financial Applications Trainer

  With 5 years of experience as a consultant with a leading Financial Software/Database vendor our expert can provide your company with a quick injection of knowledge.

  Key benefits:

  1. Implementation: We can provide an independent consultant to highlight important key issues, even before they become a key issue.
  2. Implementation: Avoid an expensive superficial "implementation", find out which software features can optimise the implementation to make your staff and department buzz with productivity. After all,that's what computers are for.
  3. Conference Room Pilot: Our consultants are familiar with the conference pilot environment, and the items that are sometimes overlooked by vendor consultants.
  4. User Training: Before implementation key staff have to be trained.  Standardised training is required for new staff, and staff being upgraded.
  5. Quarterly on-site user review and tutorial: As you staff get more familiar with the system more advanced features can be implemented.  A quarterly review allows your existing managers and staff the chance to discuss these features with a specialist consultant.

  Benefit from a consultant whose knowledge is more than just screen deep.

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“Productivity is being able to do things that you were never able to do before.”

Franz Kafka, writer

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