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Windows-NT, Unix, Apache, Exchange Server and sendmail

    Research shows that many companies have not fully tapped their IT potential, even though these same companies have made a significant investment in IT technology and continue to invest in hardware and software purchases.
    With our custom training a hidden potential can be taped in your very own staff, the ability to utilise existing tools. Maybe this will reduce "next years" hardware and software purchase budget.

Administration and Engineer Training.

    Give your administrator sound knowledge in day to day Administration, or send someone else along for training so that when your Administrator is sick then another staff member can cover for them.  (And they can recover in peace)
    The hidden administrator riddle:  When does any Administrator want to discover how to insure against and recover from a system meltdown or office fire.  Without our classroom training, they can only learn when it happens to your server.  Studies have shown that typically 50% of disaster recovery procedures are ineffective when an actual disaster is "applied".  Training will heighten your systems administrators' interest in such an situation and help avoid dire outcomes.

Structure your enterprise for success.

    Even before the first cable is laid your enterprise's structure must be mapped into the Domain Model using Microsoft's Directory Services.
  • Defining you companies security requirements
  • Defining information sharing rules and guidelines


Our trainers, well they hate us, but we make them do it.   Our trainers have obtained industry recognized certifications, MCSE, MCT, MCP, MCP+I, CNA, CNE, CNI and Unix ACE.

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